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WELCOME HOME: New Site, New Vibes

Welcome to my new site and blog... and thank you so much for the continued support, as I delve deeper into my creative & musical journey. I am so excited about what I'll be sharing with you in the weeks, months & years to come and figured what better way to get even more intimate with you than to blog about my experiences! Here you'll find all things Victory and more, Including incredible healing & spiritual journey, my world travels, incredible content and of course amazing MUSIC!

I realize that what I create goes so far beyond just sounds... and the space that we make & hold together, is a safe and magical one for us to activate, elevate and also create amazing things. It is my wish that you not only enjoy yourselves here but also engage; and that what you find somehow shifts, inspires, changes, soothes, excites and even heals the parts of you that need it most.

My vision is to create experiences and have energetic exchanges that allow us to vibrate higher. We are here to build community and birth beautiful things, together. And I love connecting with people, so don't be shy: feel free to reach out to me directly at welcome home!

May you be well, happy and free... always. All ways.

Love & light,


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