"provocative stories,

with addictive sounds"


Victory has officially released deeply personal songs from the upcoming project titled ANTENNA.


The first single, Burning Bridges is a multi-layered song that served as an assured & powerful hurricane-force introduction to the artist, in which she delivers a powerful performance and admits there is a deeply personal root to the song for her as well; “Ultimately for me, it’s about rediscovering myself, after coming to a harsh realization that something had to be destroyed before a new life can begin.”

Last summer, Jones also released a futuristic smash, Jump: an undulating futuristic groove with driving electro-synth infused sounds. An addictive sonic journey about risk, faith, and edge that gives goosebumps in the best way possible. Jump is a dynamic track that builds in waves with a unique and undeniable rhythmic momentum, compelling the listener to feel an incredible sense of inspiration, wonder, and excitement.


Last fall Jones also released White Walls: a magnetic movie-score banger that takes listeners on a personal journey about hope, love, loss and breaking the cycles of habits that we all fall prey to. Rife with futuristic electro vibes, amazing storytelling, and beautifully haunting vocals; commanding our full attention and taking the listener on a journey that feels like a ride on an open highway. The songs serve as signifiers of what awaits listeners on the upcoming album. Which Jones claims is "a transparent and metaphoric saga of the trials, tribulations & revelations chronicling the realization that all roads lead back to self (awareness)." 

Victory Jones’ latest release is a fierce, fiery and energetic anthem, that puts a killer sonic twist on the age-old maxims, “pride goeth before the fall”, and “everything that glitters ain’t gold”. Bullet is a driving sonic journey and story of ego, pride, and impatience; and how they can prove to yield futile results and be our downfall. 

Smooth and melodic vocals that swell into a driving chorus, set atop an electro cinematic production that is reminiscent of Dub, Electro & Future Bass combined. We will definitely be listening to this for the rest of the summer & beyond! The NYC native, Jamaican bred singer-songwriter is becoming an indie fave and does it again with yet another amazing repeat worthy release.

All songs are available on all platforms. Written by Victory Jones & Livingstone Brow. Produced by Livingstone Brown (Ed Sheeran, Corrine Bailey Rae, Chronix, Maxi Priest etc) and co-produced by Shamir Relé. 


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