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"a unique perspective,
a powerful voice"
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I am more than an artist, I am an experience...

In a world that is ever-changing, I choose to be myself  - a multi-faceted, multi-dimensional, ethereal earth goddess with an insatiable curiosity; an artist & entrepreneur who is no stranger to taking risks and fearlessly walking into the unknown, to discover the beauty and wonder of the world in so many different ways, with sound as the sweet spot.

My world is made of sound, and my voice is my vehicle. It is the bridge between my heart & head that lets me share my most true authentic expression to ignite, inspire & activate others into remembering who they are. I am here to reflect your beauty, humanity, power, and divinity to you - thru sound, ritual, and community.

With my intuition as my guide, I channel divine inspiration to serve the world thru sound & ritual, creating magical moments for you to breathe a little easier. I let my open heart lead the way and it is my wish that you receive my transmission; that it sparks something in you to remind you that you never needed permission to be YOU; all you have to do is allow yourself the space & opportunity to BE whom you came here to be. I am merely a conduit for inspiration and transformation. A reflection, thru sound. 


I am here to remind you of your uniqueness, fierceness, and power by standing in mine.  I am here to remind you that YOU are a 1-of-1. A gift to the world, sent here to radiate your love thru your desires. I am a reflection of the goodness that we each possess. I am a reflection of the divinity & humanity that we each embody. When you listen to my music, I hope you SEE yourself. Discover yourself. Remember yourself. LOVE yourself. 

I am honored to be chosen to lead this charge and take this journey with you. And I am beyond grateful that you have chosen to join me on this journey, too.

I look forward to serving & supporting you, thru sound & beyond.

May you always remember, who you are. Always. All ways.




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"One of the most unique artists of our generation. She's genius."

- Reginald "Syience" Perry 

Grammy Award Winning Producer & Songwriter

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