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Why You Should Listen On Spotify

Updated: Jan 15, 2021

Do you listen to music on Spotify?... Well, Spotify is investing in building reliable, powerful ways for artists to reach our followers. So when you follow my profile on Spotify, I am added to your "artist library" & new music releases will be featured in your Release Radar. This is super important, especially for indie artists like myself, because it signals Spotify's algorithm that you want to hear more from me.

So please make sure to follow me on Spotify, and share my music from the app too! This will support my efforts to get more streams & also be discovered by new listeners. All of which creates more opportunities for me as an artist to grow my audience and brand, and also keep creating more amazing music.

Click here to follow, now: Victory Jones on Spotify

And to all my tastemakers, who like to curate vibes: please make sure to spread the love and add my songs to your favorite playlists too!

Thank you for your support & happy listening, xx!


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