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Updated: May 29, 2020

Every day, we get to choose. Fear... or, LOVE. What do you choose? #plantyourflag

This song was written nearly 4 years ago, and I long for the day when the message will no longer be relevant or needed. For the day when things will change. For a time when human beings are seen as equal, no matter the differences amongst us. When these differences are not feared but celebrated and revered instead. When the things we do not get to choose are not used as an excuse to dehumanize us. And kill us.

Being black in this world is beautiful and exhausting, simultaneously. It's such a fine line to navigate, while trying to master just being, human. This is without mentioning the intersectionality of all the other things we embody.

Riding this wave of extremes that is really ultimately connected... I am both tired & inspired. Saddened and optimistic.

Every day we get to choose. It's our responsibility to choose which energy we resonate with. Which frequency best serves us and those around us too. How we move in this world and the impact it will have, like a ripple effect. Whether we know it or not. Nothing happens in a vacuum. So I choose the higher vibrations of love, truth, courage, honor, integrity, and inspired action. Even if its something as simple as holding space for others, a kind thought, word, prayer, conversation, or taking deeper action towards tangible change too. Because every action, no matter how small that each of us takes to make this world a better place, counts. And the beauty of the outcome lies in the power of choice. But first, we have to decide.

Remember, the universe echoes what we whisper, and reflects everything back to us.

Every thought. Every intention. Every word. Every action. It all matters. And black lives still matter too. Beyond news coverage, hashtags, thinly and not so thinly veiled ways to discriminate against us, extinguish the joy that is our natural birthright; and take our lives away. We are here. We are resilient. We are resourceful. We are brilliant. WE MATTER.

But if you are reading this and you are saddened, exhausted, angry, disgusted, overwhelmed or unsettled...know that it's ok to not be ok. Because there are things that need to be changed, and these feelings are the deep signals letting us know that. Emotions = energy in motion, and are there to teach our soul desires & alignment to us. So if it feels "off" or negative that means a change is needed. And we have the power to decide what we choose. Every. Single. Day.

I choose to hold space for others.

I choose to use my voice for healing.

I choose to uplift those around me, however I can, when I can.

I choose to pour into my own cup, & create from a place of wholeness

I choose to do what my souls dictates... and remain obedient to Source.

I choose to be a resource. A beacon. A pillar. A light.

I also choose to be soft. To be tender. To be open. To listen & watch.

I choose to bend when needed, but never break... because nothing is ever really broken.

The truth is if something is not working: it needs to be changed.

So, I choose to be the change. In every way that I can, no matter how small.

Because the truth is: it all matters.

The truth is we are born whole.

The truth is we are beautiful.

Unique. Loving. Joyous. Worthy. FREE.

The truth is we are each, invaluable.

So it's time to live that way.

What do you choose?


An original song inspired by Neil Young's "Ohio". Written by Livingstone Brown & Victory Jones. Produced by Livingstone Brown, & co-produced by Shamir Rele

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